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Amazon Reviews

Survival Tool! 

I Got this cool Tactical Pen in and I’m super excited!

It is a glass breaker, ball point pen, fire starter & has a light!  I’ve always wanted one of these, so  I’ll be keeping this in the car 🚗 for sure!
Order Yours Here ⬇️


Amazon Reviews

New Phone Case!!! Loving It!! 

You have probably seen similar phone cases and are wondering what is so different about this case right? Well let me tell you why I am absolutely Loving my new phone case!! 💕 (Yes, I change my phone case out often lol) A BIG ➕ is that I don’t need to open the case just to use or check my phone 📱 & my important cards 💳 can be covered until I’m ready to use them! 
If your interested, you can get yours here ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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Great Gift Idea!

If your like me, you always try and buy a gift that someone will love. I ordered this watch not thinking it would not be of great quality. Let’s just say, I was surprised to see how well made this watch is! It reminds me of Invicta because of its size. The face is nice and big, but its not too heavy. This makes a great gift for a woman or man, and is priced just right.

To order click here

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Amazon Reviews

CP French Coffee Press Review


Who has used a French Coffee Press before?

☕️ You will also be able to make 8 Cups of Coffee!!!

It is well made, not flimsy & won’t take up much room if you want it on your counter or in a cabinet. It also comes apart for easy cleaning, which is always a plus!

It has a double screen filtration system so you won’t be having grainy Coffee! Yay!

You can order yours here 👇🏼👇🏼